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MUSC345. Practicum in Elementary General Music
MUSC346. Practicum in Middle School, Junior High or High School Instrumental or Vocal Music

Guidelines for Music Practicum Host Teachers

The practica are intended as an early experience for the students preparing for careers in music education, and the only real requirement for the host teacher is to allow the student to observe everything that goes on in the classroom during a one-week period.  This should also include meetings or extra-curricular assignments, and the student should arrive and leave each day on the teacher’s regular schedule.  Following is a list of activities in which the student may participate during the practicum week:

Each host teacher should fill out a one-page evaluation of the student at the end of the week.  A second page provides the opportunity for additional comments.  Please return the evaluation to Patricia Lust, Department of Music, Longwood University, Farmville, VA  23909.  The student should provide a copy of the evaluation and an addressed envelope for the host teacher on the first day.

Please report any irregularities or problems to Patricia Lust at  For emergencies, please call one of the following:  P. Lust (office) 434.395.2049; P. Lust (home) 434.392.6646; Department of Music Office 434.395.2504.

Other Requirements for Practicum Students

Students may occasionally ask the host teachers questions or initiate a discussion about a particular topic as they prepare the written materials for the Longwood Supervisor each day.  These documents are submitted through BlackBoard at Longwood and include the following:

Note to the Host Teacher:
  Thank you very much for inviting a Longwood Music Student into your classroom.  We hope that the student will be able to provide some service to you while making all the required observations.  We truly hope the experience will be pleasant and beneficial for both of you.

Updated on 12/5/11