Music Practicum - Journal Entries

Your journal entry for each day should be no more than 1 page long, single spaced, and should follow the this format:

1. Heading:

Your name
Name of your host teacher
name of your school

Day and date, e.g.  Monday,  January 6, 2014

2. Description of activities observed: (This should include the activities that occurred while you were sitting on the sideline and in which you did not participate.)


3. Description of activities in which you participated: (Your participation may range from minor to significant. You may even be lucky enough to be allowed to teach a lesson.)


4. Personal reaction to the day: (This should be reflective.)


Snow day: If school is closed during your placement for weather or any other reason, please submit your journal entry for that day in the following manner:

1. Include as above
2. Enter "snow day", or the appropriate alternative
3. enter "snow day," or the appropriate alternative
4. Spend some time during the day thinking about the issues you have already faced in your placement or that you expect to see. Compose a 250-300-word essay about your thoughts on your placement school and it's associated issues. Try to approach your essay from a professional perspective, and to dig into some areas that you haven't previously given much thought. This essay can be a substantive contribution on your part.