Music Practica - Annotated Materials List
(Bibliographic, for print and recorded materials)

Contents - Include all materials that the Host Teacher uses during the week.  Separate the materials into two parts: 1. print and recorded materials that can be listed in proper bibliographic format, and 2. other materials that are not appropriate for a bibliography.  These include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Annotated Bibliography

methods books

2. Other Materials and Resources

Orff Instruments (as a set, not individually)
(Do not list band instruments if you are doing a secondary instrumental practicum. They are a given for an instrumental ensemble, while you can have an elementary general program without Orff instruments.)
Be observant in identifying the contents of this category.

Format - Materials in Part 1 should be listed in an appropriate manner with author, title and publishers information.  (Collect the bibliographic information whenever each piece is presented to avoid shuffle and hunting later.)

Annotations - For each item (both lists) provide a brief annotation: how it is used, its quality; its limitations; your view of the material.

updated on 5/22/08