Music Practica - MUSC345, 346
Seminar - Group Discussion


The Small classes meet as one group and larger classes are divided into several smaller discussion groups. Each group will meet four times:

1. Pre observation - informal
2. Tuesday after school
3. Thursday after school
4. Friday after school

The discussions are set to open at 3:00 on the specified afternoon and to close at midnight of the same day. You may plan among yourselves to engage in the conversation at the same time (say 8:30-9:30) or you may each check in several times during the evening to continue the conversation. Please be aware that this is intended as a conversation, and stopping in only once during the evening to drop off your comments does not constitute participating in the conversation.

Standard for Substantive Content
- For each meeting (T, R, F) each student will make at least one substantive contribution for each prompt. You will probably want to contribute 3-4 comments to each prompt as you engage in conversation with your colleagues in the class.

- Talk with each other as professionals. Be interested in your colleagues' views and share your own.
- Comments like "I agree," are excellent encouragement to previous contributor, but it will not be counted as substantive contribution for you. Start with that and then go on to add your own observations, views, etc.
- A substantive contribution is one that adds real and new information or perspective to the conversation.

- Generally, with a good effort from each student, these discussions have been most informative and thought-provoking. Let your class carry on the high standard. And. please remember that this is intended as a conversation, and stopping in only once during the evening to drop off your comments does not constitute participating in the conversation.

Form and Etiquette
- This is not a formal paper, but you must make your contribution clear to all readers.
- If you use lists or any kind of partial sentences, be sure that your contribution won't be misinterpreted.
- Use proper grammar and spelling.
- Do not use text message abbreviations. (Note: Your instructor does not use these abbreviations, and, if she doesn't understand what you are trying to say, you will not get credit for your contribution.)



Pre Practicum meeting -
informal and no points assigned.
This will vary according to the group, the time and any other influences.

Tuesday evening discussion
1. How does your situation meet your expectations? What surprises have you experienced in the first two days?

2. How well suited are you to this particular situation? What personal improvements will you want to make to be better prepared for a situation like this one?

3. Discuss any unique aspects of your situation that may be on interest of others in your group.

Thursday evening
1. What methodology and techniques have you observed during this practicum? Do they work well? How will they influence your teaching?

2. What do you admire most about your host teacher?

3. As a future teacher, what do you see emerging as your greatest strengths?

Friday evening
1. Discuss a discipline problem that has arisen during the Practicum. How did your host teacher handle it? What were the outcomes? Would you have handled it the same way or differently? What other (non disciplinary) problems have been especially interesting to you in the way they were resolved?

2. Discuss the importance of flexibility and good communication in successful teaching.

3. What have been the most important aspects of this Practicum for you in preparing you for student teaching and for the profession?