Using Music to Teach English as a Foreign Language

Joinville, Brazil

Dr. Lust enjoys working with a a group of teachers from the public schools in Joinville. The group used American folk songs to explore the possibilities for incorporating singing into the English language classrooms. Most of the teachers in this group work with fifth and sixth graders.

The photos below show teachers exploring singing games and action songs. And, as the background shows, the Brasilian teachers are especially interested in the songs and activities which celebrate Halloween.

Dr. Lust had the opportunity to work with the Brasilian teachers as a volunteer through her work with the Partners of the Americas. To date, DR Lust has made four working trips to Santa Catarina, in southern Brasil and hopes to continue the work in other visits in the future.  Virginia and Santa Catarina are partner states, sharing various kinds of expertise through the Partners of the Americas.

Public school teachers in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil: