Plant Propagation – online resources






“Growing Ferns from Spores” by Tim Dickinson

Description of the process and requirements for cultivating some common species



“Growing a Moss Garden” – video with P. Allen Smith






 “Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees” by Lane Greer

                  Describes and shows photographs of various native bees



 “How Plants Spread  na



 “Saving Seeds” by J.E. Ells and D. Whiting  (Colorado State University)

                  Includes a list of how some vegetables are pollinated.



“Basic Seed Saving” - International Seed Saving Institute

Lists vegetables with info about plant and flower and harvesting & processing seed.



“Cold Moist Stratification of Milkweed Seeds” – video



“Seed Scarification, Seed Stratification & Seed Soaking” – MrBrownThumb blog



“Germination of Seeds” – video





Plant Propagation by Leaf, Cane, and Root Cuttings: Instructions for the Home Gardener” by Erv Evans and Frank A. Blazich (NC State Univ.)

                  Descriptions of various types with drawings.  Also includes root cuttings



“Plant Propagation Techniques – Leaf Cuttings”

                  This page has links to other pages on various propagation topics.

“Propagate by Cuttings”

                  Page with links to a variety of articles and videos on propagation by cuttings



“Propagate Your Favorite Plants
with Root Cuttings”

                  Four steps plus list of plants that are good for root cuttings



“Root Cuttings” – video

Marty DeHart shares how easy it is to double your plants by starting root cuttings.



Grafting and Layering


“Grafting and Budding Nursery Crop Plants” – NC State Univ. Ext.

                  Includes diagrams



“Grafting and Budding Fruit Trees” – Cass County Ext – NDcState Univ. Ext.



“Plant Propagation” – TX A&M Univ. Ext.

                  Page to links to articles on grafting budding and layering



“Grafting Fruit Trees and Ornamental Plants” – M.J. McGroarty (The Gardener’s Secret Handbook)



“How To Graft A Fruit Tree”– video




Dividing Perennials


“Dividing Perennials: Tools, Techniques, and Timing” by Todd Meier - Fine Gardening



“10 Tips on Dividing Perennial Plants” by Janet Macunovich - Fine Gardening

This site includes several demonstration videos and lists of perennials according to timing and type of division



“When to Divide Perennials” – Savvygardener



“Best Time to Divide Perennials” – Garden Gate Magazine



“Dividing Hostas” – video






“Bulb Basics” – Univ. of IL Ext.



“How to Divide Dahlias” by the Dahlia Guy – video



“Landscape Propagation”

                  This site includes step-by-step instructions for dividing various geophytes

                  and perennials.  Also, includes a message board.



“Propagation of Bulbs” - Curtis E. Swift – CO State Univ.

                  Descriptions with diagrams



“Dividing Daffodil Bulbs” – video from Hilltop Gardens






“Designing a Plant Micropropagation Laboratory “– Mark P. Bridgen and John W. Bartok, Jr.



“Plant Micropropagation Using African Violet Leaves”



Micropropagation and Sustainability” – Brandon Keim

                  Blog with links to further information






“Plant Propagation” – Chapter 7 of the Arizona Master Gardener Manual

                  Descriptions with graphics



“Plant Propagations, The Basics” - M.J. McGroarty (The Gardener’s Secret Handbook)

                  Many links to useful articles



“How Propagating Your Own Gardening Plants”

                  Folksy site with links to a lot of short articles.





Special Topics


“Orchid Propagation” - Svante Malmgren and Henric Nyström

                  By division, seed and tissue culture



“How to Divide and Transplant an Agave” – video with Jeff Moore

                  Runner below the video links to many other videos on dividing plants.

                      Care of


“Care of Cactus in the Home”  -  Dale T. Lindgren and Jay B. Fitzgerald – Univ. of NE

                  Includes information on dividing and grafting of cacti.