ATTR 492 


Course Description:

Text:  Longwood Athletic Training Internship Manual.

Course Objectives:   During the internship the student will:

1. Examine and assist in the deliverance of athletic health care in order to further practice and refine the application of theory and practical techniques.

2. Describe a broader concept of the deliverance of athletic health care.

3. Develop a further understanding and appreciation of professionalism and the athletic training profession.

4. Develop a better understanding of their personal and professional strengths.

5. Gain experience in application of the competencies for certification within an athletic health care agency or organization under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer.

Each student intern has unique strengths and weaknesses, but each student should be qualified to assume the following responsibilities: 1. Assist with injury evaluations and re-evaluations.

2. Assist with interpretation of injury evaluations and re-evaluations.

3. Suggest a recommended individualized treatment and/or rehabilitation program based on past history and evaluation results.

4. Conduct and supervise patient treatment and rehabilitation.

5. Develop and utilize individual rehabilitation programs.

6. Assist in the promotion and public relations of existing programs.

7. Serve as a resource for clients.

In prior course work each of the competencies and proficiencies equired by the National Athletic Trainers' Association has been addressed. The student-intern may be asked, depending on the site selection, to demonstrate competencies from any or all of the domains of responsibility.

Internship Requirements

Student Requirements

1. Meet with the on-site supervisor and design a work schedule and get acquainted with facilities, policies and procedures, and regulations of the internship.

2. Abide by the policies and procedures of the internship facility.

3. Dress appropriately. It is the responsibility of the student intern to discuss the appropriate attire with the on-site supervisor prior to beginning the internship.

4. Complete journal entries and self-evaluation forms. All forms must be submitted to the internship coordinator in a timely manner.

5. Meet with the on-site supervisor at regular intervals to discuss the performance evaluation.

6. In conjunction with the on-site supervisor, determine an appropriate internship project (in-service presentation, development of policy manual, etc). Complete the project at the appropriate time and submit a brief project report to the internship supervisor.

7. Meet with the program director/internship coordinator at the conclusion of the internship.

8. Prepare and present a program to other athletic training students about the internship and the host facility.

9. Prepare and submit a written report of the internship experience.

10. Observe the behavior of the supervisor who is experienced in the subject matter of athletic health care.

11. Assist the supervisor with his/her daily duties. Be an active participant!

12. Translate the theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained into sharpened skills applicable to the internship setting.

Evaluation Procedures of the Student Intern Final grades will be determined based on the following components:
Student journal/self-evaluations 
On-site supervisor evaluations
Project written report/evaluation
Oral presentation
Final written report/internship

Attendance Policy:

Honor Code:

Bibliography:   Reading materials will be determined by the on-site supervisor.