Date WEDNESDAY Ticket In (TI) Due
Week 1 
Aug 23

The Outsiders: The Movie

What does it mean to be TCP YA fiction?
Week 2 Cut
Problem Novels

Ticket In 1 (Linked Here) Due
TI 1: "My Scars Tell a Story..."
Week 3
Sept 6
The Chocolate War
What does it mean to be a YA "classic"?

Ticket In 2 (Linked Here) Due
TI 2: "Irony of Narration..."
Week 4 Looking for Alaska
What is "The Teen Mystique"?

Reactionary/Progressive Chart
Week 5 Feed
Surface and Passive Ideology

Ticket In 3 (Linked Here) Due
TI 3: "Is He Still Human?..."
Week 6
How I Live Now Banned Books Week!
Week 7
Oct 4
Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone XXX
Week 8 Identical and Midterm Exam
Longwood's Annual Banned Book Reading: 

Thursday, Oct. 14th, 3-5pm, Atrium of the Greenwood Library

Week 9 Crusader

Detective Fiction
Week 10 Midnighters

Read the linked article and be ready for an in-class Ticket In!
TI 4: Liminal Time
Week 11
Nov 1

Special Class, location in our room (combined with Dr. Magill's Ethnic Literature class)
Come see my : Wednesdays with Women's Studies talk on cussing in young adult literature!
November 3rd, from 3:00-3:50,
Library, Room 209B

11/4 at 8pm in Wygal Hall:
Dos Passos Award Ceremony
Week 12 Out of the Dust and
Field Trip!

Meet at LCVA at 6:00
Week 13 Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian XXX
Week 14 No Class
Week 15 Boy Meets Boy

Ticket In 5 (Linked Here) Due
TI 5: "Notes on Camp"
Week 16
Dec 6
Finals Week!
Final Project Due
In my office on TUESDAY, Dec. 7th,
between 10 and 2pm, OR in room 218 (between presenters) from 3-5:30 (if no one is in the room then check my office), OR on THURSDAY in room 216 between 11:30 and 5:30 (if no one is in the room then check my office).