"The Old Homestead" at West Creek
Circa 1740


Longwood University's Public History Program would like to introduce the "Old Homestead" of  West Creek  in  Nottoway County , Virginia. This web page is a project taken on by Longwood College Public History Interns  under the supervision of Dr. Deborah Welch. This project could not have been completed without the help of the current owners, Mrs. Clara Arnold  and her family who have lived in the home since 1942. The "Old Homestead" is currently under evaluation for State Historical Monument Status. This web page will explain the history of the home and past owners. The Public History program at Longwood University has many on-going research projects involving historic inventories, preservation, and genealogy.  For more information or comments regarding this site please contact Dr. Deborah Welch at welchds@longwood.edu.

 Burke Family Photos at the Old Roost
 Views of the "Old Homestead" at West Creek
 Artifacts Found on the Property
 American Revolution at West Creek
 Brief History of Nottoway County, Virginia
 Longwood College Interns
 Mrs. Arnold and Family
Genealogy of Original Owners
The Ward Chapel