Public History Course Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a concentration in public history must achieve at least a C in the following courses:

HIST 100 or 110 (Western Civilization)
HIST  221 and 222  (American History Survey)

HIST 301 American Colonial History
HIST 316 Public History
HIST 317 Historical Editing and Preservation
HIST 318 Museum Studies
HIST 319 Archival Management

HIST 402 Historiography
HIST 405 Virginia History
HIST 461 Senior Seminar
HIST 492 Internships in Public History

2 HIST elective courses

ANTHRO 296 Field Methods in Archeology
ANTHRO 320 Folklore

ART 101 Interior Design or ART 367 Modern Architecture
ART 155 Basic Photography
ART 369 American Art

POSC 216 State and Local Government
POSC 370 Public Administration