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Public history students are required to undertake at least one internship although many students pursue more than one.  Internships offer an opportunity to do real work in an historical field; moreover, they provide valuable experience and contacts for future employment.
Recently Lynsie Russ completed her internship, Photographing History in Charleston, South Carolina and made a wonderful website for the world to see. To visit this site click HERE.
Margaret Gouldin's internship at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.                                          
Over the past years, our students have engaged in a number of exciting internships.  Robyn Olson, John Young, and Rebbecca Allen have served as interns in the American Historical Association, the nation's oldest and largest professional historical organization located in Washington, D.C.  Susanne Taylor and Heather Goins have served as interns at the Virginia Historical Society.  Katherine Blackwell organized an exciting exhibit of Confederacy envelopes while serving an internship at the Museum of the Confederacy.


Many of our students chose  to work on nearby battlefield sites either for the National Park Service or the State Park Service.  Robert Badenhop undertook an internship at Petersburg Battlefield.  Jimmy Bell, serving an internship with Partners in Park, did an extensive survey of historic homes in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.  Alicia Bennett worked at Fredericksburg Battlefield and Brandon Burke worked at Saylor's Creek as a site interpreter.

Misty Eppard has completed a national register nomination for the Lafayette Hotel, a 19th century structure located in Stannardsville, Virginia.  

Similarly, Sherry Livingston completed a national register nomination and web page for an historic home in Crewe, Virginia.                                              





Kathleen Costello, Lorin Seipp, and Ryan Young performed their internship creating a web page for an 18th century historic home in Nottoway County, Virginia.  Paul Wallace produced a book on the home, which was presented to the owner in Fall 2000.  Ms. Seipp and Ms. Costello are completing a national register nomination for the site and working to achieve state historic monument status.


In the summer 1999, 12 Longwood students worked at a federalist era plantation site located in southeastern Virginia, Village View.



All internships are done for course credit.  Students may wish to earn 3-hrs credit or more depending on the amount of work they wish to pursue.  Many other internships are available.  The Public history department tries to provide students with internships that fit their specific field.




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