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The Pollock's

My fathers side has a history in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where they first arrived, but later settled in New York state in Schenectady county.  My grandfather, James Campbell Pollock stayed in Portsmouth where he was an electrician in the United States Navy.  My grand mother, Minnie Hall Pollock, has her family history coming from Currituck County, North Carolina in the town of Coinjock.  Minnie Hall was in Portsmouth, Virginia because she attended nursing school in the area and worked as a nurse until her retirement.







The Slade/Jollett Family

My mother's side of the family are the Jollett's.  The Jollett's came to Virginia in 1600 by way of Canada from France.  The were one of the primary settlers of Spotsylvania County in the mountains of Virginia.  The Jollett's also resided around the Shenandoah Valley and in places that would later become Naked Creek, Greene County and Rockingham County.



   Shenandoah Valley in 1885                                Naked Creek; surrounding Greene, Madison and     

                                                                                         Rockingham counties





Jollett Family Stories:

  • Burton Shiflett owned a whiskey/moonshine operation with his wife, Nancy Frazier's brother.  The two men had a fight and Nancy's brother shot Burton Shiflett.


  • Burton Shiflett's mother, Mary "Polly" Self Jarrell, was never legally married to Jacob Shiflett.  Polly's first husband past in the Civil War and Polly Self received a pension for her late husband's services.  To keep receiving the pension, Polly and Jacob Shiflett had a common law marriage.









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