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“The Inca and their ancestors-selected archaeological sites in Peru and Bolivia” , my recent tour took place December, 2015.

Stucco Mask, Sun God
Kohunlich, Quintana Roo, Mexico

In the past, I have conducted archaeological tours to several areas.

March 2008                  Longwood Alumni Assoc. tour in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize: “The Maya World.” To download a copy of the tour flyer as a PDF document, click here.

March 2000                  Science Museum tour in Egypt: “Exploring Egypt”

April 1998                    Science Museum tour in Greece: “Greece before the Greeks”

November 1996            Science Museum tour in Peru: “The Inca and their ancestors”

March 1995                  Science Museum tour in Mexico: “Mysterious Maya”

March 1987                  Science Museum tour in Mexico: “Ancient Maya sites”


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