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Professional Development Team


As advocates of life-long learning, the Professional Development Team (PDT) works with the Vice President for Student Affairs to plan and facilitate intentional, on-going professional development opportunities for the Student Affairs staff and select campus partners.


Objectives for 2013-2014

  • The PDT will plan and sponsor:
  • a monthly "Book/Article/TED Talk" series on a variety of topics related to personal effectiveness and current issues within Student Affairs and/or Higher Education;
  • periodic, brief presentations within the larger staff meetings on relevant, cross-cutting issues including masculinity, the gaming culture, spiritual/religious  development, alcohol and drug education and prevention, bystander behavior, and assisting Longwood’s growing number of Hispanic students, first generation college goers, and students with diagnoses on the Autism Spectrum; and
  • ongoing opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in and reflect upon major campus programs involving guest speakers.
  • a new professional staff orientation in late summer to complement the orientation and training offered by Human Resources (for all new staff) and Residential and Commuter Life (for new RECs); and
  • an extended opening or closing all staff meeting/retreat including a community service component.
  • The PDT will consider and promote various ways to increase staff involvement in formal professional activities including writing, reading, consulting, directorate involvement, conference program review, conference attendance, and giving presentations.  Various options for grant awards will be considered.
  • The PDT will review the existing Professional Development website and using existing means of communication, develop strategies for educating the campus community regarding upcoming professional development events.  The website will also be used to house presentations, handouts, and pictures from retreats and other professional development events, as well as the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Self-Assessments and their results.  Additionally, a repository of recommended professional development resources will be developed including a directory of campus experts and resources.   
  • The PDT will provide input and depending on the need, planning and coordination of:
  • To date, the "Leadership & Management/Administration,"  "Assessment, Evaluation, and Research," "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion," and the "Law, Policy, and Governance" ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Self-Assessments have been administered and results analyzed for all within Student Affairs.  In the spring of 2014, the "Student Learning and Development" Competency will be introduced.  All professional development retreats and sponsored programs and trainings will continue to be recorded and mapped along the Professional Competencies.
  • The PDT will review the purpose and use of the SA Shared Drive and make recommendations for new materials to be added.


  • Onie McKenzie, Convener
  • Moe Bates
  • Peter Fagan
  • Jen Fraley
  • Dana Kieran
  • Andrea Martinez
  • Mindy Moellmer
  • Erick Randolph
  • Patti Wagner

Professional Development Opportunities