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Community Standards Team


The Community Standards and Expectations Team examines current policies, procedures, and practices for effectiveness and consistency with industry standard, "best" practices; identifies and recommends to the Vice President for Student Affairs policies, procedures, and practices that need to be revised; and promotes the integration of Student Affairs within other areas of campus life.


Objectives for 2013-2014

  • Review and revise the Student Handbook as a document
  • Review and revise the University’s alcohol policy
  • Review and revise the University’s drug policy
  • Review and revise the Student Handbook’s sexual misconduct policy
  • Create and approve minimum sanctions for Honor Code violations


  • Stephanie Rowland, Convener
  • Bob Beach
  • Marcy Cole
  • Jonnelle Davis
  • Dan Fulcher
  • Cam Patterson
  • Jean Wilwohl
  • Faculty Rep
  • 2 reps from SGA to be appointed

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook (pdf) contains information for students about available services, administrative policies and procedures, academic regulations, conduct standards and regulations, and governance structure.

Longwood’s goal in producing the Handbook is to educate and inform students about campus policies, community expectations, student rights and Longwood resources.

View the Student Handbook (pdf)

Updated January 29, 2016