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Assessment Team


To enhance student learning and ensure program quality, each department within Student Affairs completes ongoing assessment that focuses on mission aligned student learning outcomes as well as strategic program and service objectives.   The Assessment Team works in conjunction with the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs to oversee, support, and facilitate on-going assessment, research, and evaluation.


Objectives for 2013-2014

  • Based on "best practices," develop recommendations and criteria by which student surveys can be prioritized and coordinated.
  • Assist with the development of a "tool book" of online materials on the Student Affairs Assessment website that will include recommended resources, annotated references, and a variety of educational videos and presentations.   
  • Revise the "Assessment and Evaluation" rhetoric on the Student Affairs website and develop a more broadly applicable and relevant structure for the "Assessment and Evaluation" section found on each Student Affairs departmental website. 
  • Serve as a review body for the language and outcome indicators to be developed for each of the six Student Affairs Domains of Learning (i.e., Attitude of Inquiry, Intercultural Competency, Citizenship and Social Responsibility, Honor & Integrity, Leadership, and Wellness). 
  • Assist with the dissemination of the survey results to the campus community from the 2013 Student Satisfaction Inventory; assist with marketing and administration of the 2014 NSSE.
  • Personally master a basic understanding of the purpose and mechanics required for use of WEAVEOnline software as an assessment management tool.


  • Onie McKenzie, Convener
  • Bryan Bristol
  • Gus Hemmer
  • Courtney Addison
  • Mary Meade Saunders
  • Anitra Simmons
  • Scott Stover