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Care Team


The CARE Team is comprised of representatives from academic and student affairs who meet regularly to discuss and develop interventions for individual student behavior before it escalates and becomes detrimental to the individual student or the Longwood community. The Team examines available information about the student and situation, including strategies already implemented to deal with the behavior, when developing alternate possible interventions. The Team also looks at patterns of student behavior to identify the need for new policy or programmatic response (e.g. sexual assault, alcohol abuse, misuse of medical withdrawal, etc.).


Objectives for 2013-2014

Broadly, the Care Team addresses:

  • Behaviors that impair academic effectiveness when it is suspected that such behaviors are more than the result of irresponsible choices
  • Behavior that is so disruptive that it impacts the ability of the individual or others to successfully participate in campus life
  • Behavior that is dangerous to self and/or others

The CARE Team wants faculty, staff, fellow students, and family members to share concerns about student behavior that they feel is detrimental to the individual student or the community. However, it is important that we, as persons and an institution who value diversity, understand that behaviors that may be unique or eccentric are not always detrimental or dangerous/threatening.



  • Larry Robertson, Convener
  • Joanna Baker
  • Bob Beach
  • Stephanie Rowland
  • Lindsay Farrar
  • Melinda Fowlkes
  • Tracey Jarrett
  • Margo Potts
  • Rebecca Sturgill
  • Chuck Blauvelt
  • Maureen Walls-McKay
  • Stacey Wilkerson