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Formal Program Review (including CAS)

Student Affairs has a long tradition with both the assessment of learning outcomes and the evaluation of program/service quality.  Annual assessment expectations have evolved from the submission of departmental "Learning Plans" based on intended learning outcomes and Annual Reports, a division-wide report of support and progress toward the institutional 2008-13 Strategic Plan, and now annual WEAVEOnline Assessment Reports based on systematically reviewed goals, mission, objectives, and outcomes.  While the institutional annual expectations have varied under different leadership preferences, Student Affairs has remained committed to the expectation that each department/program area complete a Formal Program Review once every five years.  The expectation is that the review process include input from faculty, staff, students, and in some cases, community members, and be based on externally defined professional standards.  While some departments have opted to pursue accreditation from their professional association (i.e. Counseling and the Police Department), others have sought the expertise of an professional consultant (Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life), but most choose to participate in a Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) Self-Study.  The materials that are used in that year-long CAS Self-Assessment process are provided below as well as a growing collection of standardized Executive Summaries and Action Plan Reports.    

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Longwood Developed CAS Resources



CAS Executive Summaries & Action Plan Reports (2008 - present)