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Click on one of the links below for more information:

Office Name/Type of Complaint

Link to Information

University Career Center

University Career Center Grievance Procedures

Academic Suspension Appeals

Petition of Academic Suspension Procedures

Campus Recreation

Comments/Suggestions for Campus Recreation

Conduct/Honor Board Decision Appeals

Student Handbook

(Appeal Process, Page 14)

Counseling and Psychological Services

Complaints/Concerns about Counseling and Psychological Services

Damage Appeals

Residential and Commuter Life Damage Appeals Process

Dean of Students

Dean of Students Grievance Procedure

Dining Services

Dining Services: Contact Us

Disability Resources

Disability Resources Grievance Procedure

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Complaints

Faculty, Teaching and/or Curriculum

The student should contact the following people, in order, until the complaint is resolved:

  1. The faculty member involved in the complaint.
  2. The faculty member’s department chair.
  3. The dean of the college involved in the complaint.

For grade concerns, see grade appeal procedure below.  If you have any questions about filing a faculty, teaching and/or curriculum complaints, please contact Academic Affairs.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life Suggestions/Complaints

General Complaints (Not Covered By Another Policy/Procedure)

The student should contact the following people, in order, until the complaint is resolved:

  1. The staff member involved in the complaint.
  2. The staff member’s supervisor.
  3. The head of the department or unit involved in the complaint.

If you have any questions about how to file a general complaint, please contact the Dean of Students.

Grade Appeals

Undergraduate Catalog

(Grade Appeals, Page 39)

Graduate Catalog

(Grade Appeals, Page 42)

Graduate Student Termination Appeals

Graduate Catalog

(Graduate Petitions Committee, Page 123)

Hazing/Abusive Behavior

Fraternity & Sorority Life Contact Us/ Hazing Hotline Information

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Leadership and Civic Engagement Complaints

Modification of Degree Requirements

Policy on Modification of General Education or Additional Degree Requirements & Procedure for Petitioning

Parking Appeals

Parking Appeals

Police Department

Police Department Complaint Report

Residency/Domicile appeals

Undergraduate Catalog

(Qualifying for Virginia Tuition Rates, Pages 10-11)

Graduate Catalog

(Qualifying for Virginia Tuition Rates, Page 22)

Residential and Commuter Life

Residential and Commuter Life Grievance Procedure

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Sexual Harassment Complaints

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options

Student Complaints About Another Student

Honor Charge Form/ Conduct Charge Form

Student Engagement and Involvement

Student Engagement Suggestions/Complaints

Student Health and Wellness Center

Student Health and Wellness Center, Contact Us

Student Records Disputes

Policy 1007

Student-Athlete Grievances and Appeals

Student-Athlete Handbook

Alcohol Policy Appeals, page 59

Attendance Policy Appeals, page 20

Drug Policy Appeals, page 59

Financial Aid Appeals, page 47

General Grievance Procedures, page 61

Tuition Appeals

Longwood University Tuition Appeal Form

Tuition Surcharge Complaints

125% Credit Hour Threshold/Appeals



The Office of Student Affairs encourages you to submit any suggestions or comments you would like and we will read and respond to them.

Complaints:  A student wishing to file a complaint with the Office of Student Affairs shall fill out the below form with 30 calendar days of the event(s) triggering the grievance.  The grievance must include:

  • A clear statement of the university rule, regulation, policy and/or action of which the student complains;
  • The date of when the action occurred;
  • A summary of the action(s) which the student has taken to resolve the matter informally;
  • Documentation which supports the grievances.

Please read the Grievance and Complain Procedures in the Student Handbook.

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