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Conduct Code


Philosophy of the Conduct System

The primary purpose of the Longwood University Conduct System is to promote responsible citizenship, appropriate behavior, and self-discipline through enforcement of the Code of Conduct Standards and Regulations.

All students, groups, and organizations are expected to abide by these standards, and demonstrate respect for the rights of others to live, study, teach, learn and work in a campus community dedicated to academic achievement, service, and a strong quality of life.

Because the Conduct System is committed to fostering the intellectual, personal, and social development of students, those found in violation of the Code of Conduct will, through appropriate sanctioning, be held accountable for their actions and given the opportunity to redirect their behavior in a manner consistent with the educational mission and values of the University.

"What you do speaks so loud, that I can not hear what you say."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American author.


Conduct Board

  • Board members are students elected each year by the student body. Open positions after elections are filled by nominations and interviews.
  • The Conduct  Board meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:00 PM while classes are in session.
  • The Conduct Board hears alleged violations of the Code of Conduct.
  • The Conduct Board may issue sanctions up to Expulsion.
  • Specific information about Code of Conduct violations and hearing procedures is in the Student Handbook.

2014-2015 Conduct Board

Chair:          Logan Stigall

Vice-Chair:   Amanda Miller

Vice-Chair:   Haley Talmage