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Sexual Misconduct


Longwood will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form, whether by a stranger or by an acquaintance, whether against females or males.

Longwood University is committed to providing a learning, working, and living environment that promotes personal integrity, civility, and mutual respect in an environment free of sexual misconduct and discrimination. Sexual misconduct violates an individual's fundamental rights and personal dignity. Longwood University considers all forms of sexual misconduct to be serious offenses that are violations of Longwood Administrative and Faculty Policies and/or Longwood's Code of Student Conduct Standards and Regulations. This policy includes all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence by employees, students, or third parties.  This policy addresses any sexual misconduct that involves members of the Longwood community regardless of whether the incident occurs during working hours and regardless of whether the incident occurs on or off campus.  The intent of this policy is to provide the campus community with information, common definitions, and strategies to report and manage incidents that occur. The full policy with definitions and procedures is in the Student Handbook.


Reporting Options

There are a number of different manners in which a sexual misconduct can be reported.  One of the most important aspects is that an assault be reported.

  • Anonymous report via the Internet
    Either you or someone else may anonymously report a sexual assault through the form available online at www.longwood.edu/police.  You will be prompted to answer 2 questions:
    • Did the assault take place on campus? 
    • Did the assault take place in a residence hall?
  • Phone call to any member of the Student Affairs staff
  • Campus police
  • Office of Student Conduct and Integrity