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Learning Plans

A Formative Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

"Sure, the students like your programs and services, but what evidence do you have that what you are doing is making a difference?"

~ Terenzini and Upcraft, p.217

This quote by P. T. Terenzini and M.L. Upcraft illustrates why Longwood's Division of Student Affairs uses learning as a critical feedback mechanism. Each department engages in a 7-step Learning Plan process to:

  • define our philosophy toward learning
  • incorporate Longwood's six student development goals
  • outline desired learning outcomes
  • design activities and interactions that encourage achievement of the learning outcomes
  • assess whether or not the learning occurred
  • examine the results
  • plan future actions based on the results.

Learning Plans and their outcomes also serve to provide evidence of what should be done to improve delivery and to modify planning.