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ABC Rooms

The Appomattox, Buckingham, and Cumberland rooms are collectively a large multi-purpose space with a total of 2,840 square feet.

These rooms are often used as one large space, but are more often broken down individually with partitions to three separate rooms.

  • The "A" room is the smallest of the three (682 sq. ft) and has seating capacity of 75 people. It is mainly used for small lectures of under 40 and U-conference, O-conference and workshop styles of under 25.
  • The second largest room, the "B" room, has 852 square feet of meeting space, making it larger than the "A" room, and add to the variety of events that can be accommodated. Set with a lecture set, the room can hold up to 100 people. It can hold about 60-70 lecture style, 50 workshop style and about 25 U-conference and O-conference style
  • The last of the three rooms, the "C" room, has over 1,300 squared feet making it the largest of the three. This space is used more than the "A", or "B" rooms, due to its size, thus accommodating a much larger event. It is mostly used with lecture, workshop, U-conference and O-conference setups. The C-room hold about 150 lecture style, 40 U-conference, O-conference style and 60 workshop style. There is also a built in electronic screen at the front of the room for movies, presentations and overhead projection.
  • Collectively, the ABC rooms can hold over 300 people in a lecture style set-up.
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