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Saturday September 19, 2015 - this is a TENTATIVE schedule

Please check back throughout the summer as new events are added!

8:00am- 12:00pm            Check-in and registration                                           Lankford Student Union

                                             Check- in will take place in the Lankford Student Union room 201.  If you have pre-registered or still need to register,please come by the Student Union where we can help with all your registration needs.


8:00am-12:00pm             Continental Breakfast                                                 Lankford Student Union Ballroom

8:00am-11:00am             Volunteer Opportunity                                                FACES Food Bank 416 North South Street

                                        Students and their families will be given the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients at the food bank. They will be able to promote community resources for the elderly through conversation and flyers, push carts to distribute food and do a simple survey to help FACES improve their distribution efforts.  If interested in participating your registration will include sign-up directions and information will be sent to you.                      


9:00am-12:00pm             Golf Tournament                                                        Longwood Golf Course, Johnson Dr.

                                      Those participating will meet at the Longwood Golf Course. A boxed breakfast will be provided along with some great prizes.



11:00am-5:00pm             Longwood Center for the Visual Arts                        129 North Main Street 

                                          Please visit the LCVA located at the corner of Main and 3rd St.    Exhibits TBD



11:30am-2:00pm             Picnic Lunch                                                                Lankford Mall

                                             Enjoy a delicious meal on the Lankford mall while you sit back and listen to some great student entertainment.

11:30am-2:30pm              Entertainment provided by Travelin Max                 Lankford Mall



11:30am-2:30pm             Family Fun Activities                                                    Lankford Mall

                                             Volleyball, Cornhole, Can-Jam, Ladder Golf, Photo Booth, Face Painting,

                                             Balloon Animal Artist and more


12:00pm-4:00pm             Robert Russa Moton Museum Open 12pm-4pm              900 Griffin Blvd.

                                         A National Historic Landmark, The Robert Russa Moton Museum honors the courage and sacrifice of Prince Edward County students and families, and their leading role in moving America from Segregation toward integration. Free Admission for students and family members.



1:00pm-4:00pm               Art Hunt                                                                          Around campus

                                             In your packet you will find an Art Hunt  questionnaire.  Fill out the art hunt questionnaire and then turn your completed questionnaire into the LCVA at the corner of 3rd and Main and receive great prizes.

1:00pm-3:00pm               High Bridge Trail Walk                                                   High Bridge Trail

                                        Do you like the outdoors?  Take a walk on the High Bridge Trail and over the bridge.                                           


1:30pm- 2:30pm              Greek Life at Longwood      

                                         Have you ever wondered what Fraternity and Sorority Life is all about? Why do people join? What are the benefits of being a member of our Greek community? Join members of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Greek Ambassadors to learn more about the 23 recognized fraternities and sororities at Longwood University.

1:30pm-3:30pm               Volunteer Opportunity                                                  The Woodlands 2003 Cobb Street                                     

Volunteers who visit the Woodlands will get the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the residents. This will serve as a game day for the seniors residing at the nursing home. It gives them the opportunity to experience close companionship and engaging entertainment. If interested in participating your registration will include sign-up directions and information will be sent to you.



4:00pm-8:00pm               Dinner

                                             Information will be provided on the dinner options for Saturday night.

6:30pm-8:00pm               Wine Tasting and Reception                                                Lancaster Lawn

                                          Ticket Required

Join us for a wine tasting and reception sponsored by Parents Council, Student Union and First Year Experience & Family Programs. The cost is only $15 which covers all tastings featuring Virginia wines, a Longwood University wine glass, beer, soda, water and food. Anyone under the age of 21 will be admitted for free. Students aged 21 or older who wish to consume alcohol will require a $15 ticket for entrance to this event. A limited number of tickets are available for this event so register early to reserve your tickets.

8:00pm                              Evening Entertainment – Magician Peter Boie                                 Jarman Auditorium

Peter first became fascinated with magic at the age of eleven when he stumbled across a magic book at his local library.  He now travels around the country performing his award winning magic that will defy your reality.  Peter's show is about two things, astonishing magic, and having a good time; and he doesn't skimp on either.  You might recognize him by his trademark orange sneakers, or from the group of people around him freaking out at his magic and having a good time.  The title Magician for Non-Believers is about being honest with his audience.  Magic isn’t real... but Peter will make you believe it is for the length of his show.  Combining original mind blowing magic, and a heavy dose of humor is his secret to success and why it’s made him one of the top booked college acts around the country.