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Eco April 2015

David Orr"What We Can Do Together: Creating Prosperous and Safe Communities" with Dr. David Orr

Thursday, April 2, 7:00pm in Jarman Auditorium

Dr. Orr is known internationally for his work on sustainability and his uncanny ability to obtain resources and build community consensus. His work with Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio, with the city, the university, the schools, the businesses and the elected officials has made a huge difference in the climate of that community.

Things that have resulted: economic growth that has brought a Performing Arts Center that is energy efficient and LEED Certified, local agriculture supplying healthful food to the community, green concepts of generating energy are just some of the examples of what is ongoing with the leadership of Dr. Orr.

Come listen to a compelling speaker who will ignite your motivation to do something in our own communities.

Booksigning after presentation. Free & open to the public.

For more information contact Dr. Joe Baust, Center for Excellence in Environmental Education.

Sponsored by Longwood's Cook-Cole College and the President's Office


Photo-A-Week Project

Sponsored by the Digital Education Collaborative (DEC) Selected photos will be displayed at the Greenwood Library on Longwood University's campus - and on their blog page throughout April.

Photos selected for special recognition will receive a matted, full color print of their photo on high quality art paper. Photos selected for special recognition will also receive a ribbon.

Different theme for each week has been chosen as a guide, but all photos capturing the natural world are welcome.

More Information & Project Guidelines


2014 Winners

"Life in My Grasp" by Jessica Montanye

"Life in My Grasp" by Jessica Montanye


 "Reflections" by Debra Woodling

"Reflections" by Debra Woodling


"Texture and Color" by Mary Jo Stockton

"Texture and Color" by Mary Jo Stockton


"Good Morning Nostalgia" by Joseph A. Baust

"Good Morning Nostalgia" by Joseph A. Baust


"Chaos" by Sujan Henkanaththegedara

"Chaos" by Sujan Henkanaththegedara


"Land of the Lorax" by Keillor Libby

"Land of the Lorax" by Keillor Libby


Eco April 2015 Events

All Longwood-sponsored Earth Month events are free and open to the public except where indicated.

March 30 - April 19: Eco-April Photo-A-Week Project

Details and 2014 winners on the left.

March 30 - April 5: Photo-A Week Project Week 1

Flora, Fauna or landscape photo

April 2: "What Can We Do Together: Creating Prosperous and Safe Communities" with David Orr

7:00 PM in Jarman Auditorium

Details above. Book signing at the conclusion of the speech. Free and Open to the Public.

April 6 - 12: Photo-A Week Project Week 2

Perspectives: up high, down low, or up close.

April 7: "Particularly Plants"

Opening April 7 from 2:30 -5:00 pm.

Longwood Printmaking class produced art to celebrate the natural world of plants directed by Kelly Nelson. Light refreshments will be served.

April 13 - 19: Photo-A Week Project Week 3

Patterns, Colors, Shapes or Textures in nature.

April 17: Art and the Environment

Pre-K students will visit the Greenhouse April 17th for a variety of art lessons and the planting of seeds.

April 21: Art and the Environment

Greenhouse of Longwood University

Germinated plants from the Pre-K visit and environmental slogans printed by the art class will be given away. (For more information contact Dr. Mark Fink in Biology.

April 22: Earth Day 2015

Visit www.earthday.org

April 24: Arbor Day 2015

Other Events TBA by The Wildlife Society please stay tuned or contact: alexandra.elliot@live.longwood.edu



Birdhouse Winners for Earth Day 2014