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Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 18

6:00 Private reception/Dinner with Jerry Greenfield (by invitation only please)

6:45 Registration desk opens (Blackwell Foyer)


  • JERRY GREENFIELD of Ben & Jerry's (Blackwell Ballroom)*
    An Evening of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Social Responsibility and Radical Business Philosophy
    Followed by ice cream party sponsored by Ben & Jerry's (Grand Dining Room)**

NOTE: This is a ticketed event, but tickets are free. Conference participants will receive tickets in their registration materials when they check in for the conference.  Longwood students, staff, and faculty members must pick up tickets in either the College of Business & Economics or Lankford Student Union. Walk-ins will be allowed in if space permits. 


Friday, March 19

8:30 Registration desk opens (Blackwell Foyer)

9:00 Opening Remarks (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • DR. WALTER WITSCHEY (Longwood University)
    The World Will End in 2012: What Does the Collapse of Ancient Societies Say to us About
    Sustainability and Personal Action Today?

10:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • DAVID RADCLIFF (New Community Project)
    One Planet, Two Worlds: A Photo Exploration of the Life as it is for Most of the World's People

11:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • BILL BASS (Fair Indigo)
    The Fair Trade Movement: Fair Pay in the Developing (and Developed) World

12:00 Lunch and presentation (Grand Dining Room)

  • CHRIS STEMEN & RITA GORDISH (Aramark, Longwood Dining Services)***
    You are What You Eat: Trends in Sustainability in Your Aramark Dining Hall

Note: Lunch is included for conference participants. Longwood faculty, staff, and students who wish to attend must register for lunch through the registration link.

2:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • RANDY HOLLADAY (Louisa County High School)
    Earthships: A Sustainable Housing System that Uses What the Earth and Sun Give Away

3:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • MATT WALD (reporter for the New York Times)
    A Low-Carb Diet for the Planet: Decarbonizing the Energy System for a Warming World

4:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • KELLY BRICKER (University of Utah/The International Ecotourism Society)
    Sustainability in Tourism: Doing its Part to Thwart the "Age of Stupid"

Dinner on own

8:30 Performance by Plastic Musik (in Willett Gym) 

What happens when you combine plastic tubes, laundry tubs, and a bunch of musical instruments? That's right...it's Plastic Musik! This high energy abstract percussion show incorporates dancing, audience participation, and an on-stage interaction that creates a stage presence that is unrivaled. FREE AND OPEN TO ALL


Saturday, March 20

8:30 Registration desk opens (Blackwell Foyer)

9:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • PAXTON MARSHALL and students (UVA)
    Student Designed Sustainability Projects at the University of Virginia

10:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

    Triple Bottom Line Emerging Trends: Sustainable Careers Shaping the Built Environment

11:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • KATIE REGISTER (Clean Virginia Waterways/Longwood University)
    Water: Key to Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Business, and a Sustainable Earth

12:00 Lunch and Presentation (Grand Dining Room)

  • YARED FUBUSA (Gombe School of Environment and Society, Tanzania/Utah State University)***
    Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Wildlife in Tanzania Through Education and Local Participation

Note: Lunch is included for conference participants. Longwood faculty, staff, and students who wish to attend must register for lunch through the registration link. 

2:00 Concurrent Activities

  • KELLY MARTIN (Longwood University)
    Behind the Scenes: Sustainability activities at Longwood That Even Our Students May Not Know About 


  • Greening of a Campus: Walking tour of sustainability efforts at Longwood University (weather     permitting)

3:00 Speaker (Blackwell Ballroom)

  • JENN RENTSCHLER (Longwood University)
    Promoting social sustainability through Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

4:00 Closing Remarks

*Conference participants will be admitted first.
**Tickets will be provided to conference participants. Remaining tickets are first come, first served.
***Lunches are included for conference participants. Others will need to register. See registration link.