Berlin to Broadway LOGO
Berlin to Broadway LOGO

Singing auditions for the spring musical, Berlin to Broadway


Auditions: November 12, 6:00pm  

Call backs: November 13, 6:00pm,

in Wygal, Molnar Recital Hall


Performances: April 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2019


9 Roles:

  • Guide – this is mostly a speaking role with some singing
  • 2 Sopranos
  • 2 Mezzo-sopranos
  • 2 tenors
  • 2 baritones


For each role, be prepared to sing one of the following songs. You will only sing one song at the initial audition but we’ll likely ask you to sing the other song if you are called back.



#21         “I wait for the ship”

#32         "That's Him"



#3            "Barbara Song" (intro and verse 1)

#29         "Saga of Jenny" (intro, verses 1 & 2)



#25         "Johnny's Song" (to letter F)

#35         "Lonely House"



#27         "September Song" no repeat)

#39         "Lost in the Stars"



#13         “Song of Mandelay” (sing the lower Baritone part on p. 58. End at Letter E)


We are looking for singers who have prepared their music accurately and perform it artistically and expressively. The music does not need to be memorized for the audition, but in all other ways your audition should be polished and confident. The directors are especially interested in singers who exhibit clear and expressive diction. Songs do not need to be choreographed but you should be able to demonstrate that are able to move and be expressive while you sing.

If you have any questions about the singing audition, contact Chris Swanson (221 Wygal).

For Song Copies:  Chris Swanson (221 Wygal), Bruce Speas (325 CSTAC), or Longwood Box Office


Tech Sign-ups for crew positions will also be at this time. Please bring a resume and cover letter if you have one, otherwise you can just fill out the tech sign-up form.