Everyman Auditions - open to all Longwood and Community members interested in auditioning


Where: CSTAC (Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Center) 

When: Sunday, September 10 from 5pm until everyone has read. 


At 5:30pm, if you are interested in the role of Everyman, you will be filmed in preparation for an animation segment at the beginning of the play. 

Casting will be done from this audition with no callbacks. 


Rehearsals begin Monday, October 2 and Performances are November 8-12, 2017. 



Actor tracks    

All roles can be cast as either male or female


Track 1     Everyman                                                                            


Track 2     God               Five Wits         Angel


Track 3     Death             Kindred             Beauty


Track 4     Fellowship     Confession       Strength              


Track 5     Messenger     Cousin               Good Deeds                                    


Track 6     Goods             Knowledge              



Audition information from the Director:


Everyone will first perform the Messenger’s speech from the beginning of the play.    Copies are on the call board.    

It need not be memorized, but you should be familiar with it.

I am looking for you to demonstrate excellent diction and vocal strength.


There will then be sides to read from the tracks where you will have the opportunity to make the different roles distinct.


Think in advance how do you think the character of Goods and Knowledge might move and sound? What do those attributes suggest to you and how will you work to make those roles distinct for the audience?


There will, of course, also be sides for the role of Everyman.


Although the language is early modern, the play will take place as a dream that a present day college student (Everyman) is having.


Musical transitions will introduce the characters in the same way that A Knight’s Tale used modern music to punctuate a medieval story.


There will be an opportunity for you to flex your improvisation skills as we will employ some interaction with the audience.


Direct any questions to the stage manager Josh Fried  

 fried@live.longwood.edu or myself    howiesonsa@longwood.edu


I’m looking forward to directing Everyman and to working with all of you.


Stephanie Howieson