Therapeutic Recreation Courses

RECR 110 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
RECR 120 Therapeutic Recreation: Professional Practice I
RECR 205 Recreation Leadership and Activity
RECR 250 Leisure Education and Therapeutic Recreation
RECR 260 Therapeutic Recreation for Children with Disabilities
RECR 300 Pre-Internship Seminar
RECR 301 Therapeutic Recreation in Mental Health
RECR 302 Recreation Therapy in Physical Rehabilitation Settings I
RECR 303 Recreation Therapy in Physical Rehabilitation Settings II
RECR 304 Leisure and Aging: Therapeutic Services
RECR 320 Facilitation Techniques/ Interventions I in Therapeutic Recreation
RECR 321 Facilitation Techniques/ Interventions II in Therapeutic Recreation
RECR 371 Program Planning in Leisure Services
RECR 392 Junior Internship
RECR 408 Therapeutic Recreation: Professional Practice II
RECR 410 Supervision and Administration of Leisure Services
RECR 437 Group Dynamics
RECR 461 Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation
RECR 492 Senior Internship​


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