Reporting Options
Title IX Coordinator - Lindsey Moran, Esq. (434)395-2571 or 
On Campus Resources
Longwood University Police Department (434)395-2091
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (434)395-2409 (Confidential)
Dean of Students (434)395-2485
Student Conduct and Integrity (434)395-2490
Resident Hall Assistants or Commuter Assistants (available on each hall floor)
Residence/Commuter Education Coordinators (434)395-2080
Vice President for Student Affairs (434)395-2039
University Health Center (434)395-2102 (Confidential)
Off Campus Resources
Madeline’s House 1(888)819-2926 (Confidential)
Crossroads 1(800)548-1688
Centra Southside Community Hospital (434)392-8811
Virginia Sexual Assault Hotline 1(800)838-8238
Anonymous Reporting Options
Report anonymously to the Title IX Coordinator Anonymous Report Form*
Report anonymously to Longwood Police Department Crime Report Form*

*Please remember that an anonymous report will be investigated to the best of our ability based on the information that is available.  Additionally, all University employees designated as "Responsible Employees" must report sexual misconduct, including personally identifiable information, directly and promptly to the Title IX Coordinator.