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Expression Web

Step 1

Open Expression Web. Go to File, and "Open".

Browse to the folder that your web site files are in, select the folder and then use the "Open" button in the lower right corner.

Step 2

Click on "Site" in the toolbar then click on "Publishing" then click on "Add a publishing destination" in the center of the page.

Step 3

In the "Connection Settings" window, type the title of your site in the "Name" field. Then click on the drop down menu by "Connection Type" and select WebDAV.

Step 4

In the "Location" field type in: https://webdav.longwood.edu/<yourlancernetid>. Make sure the "Use Encrypted Connection (SSL)" box at the bottom of the window is checked.

Step 5

Enter your LancerNet ID and password in the "User Name" and "Password" fields, respectively.

Step 6

Upon connecting, you will see a list containing the "Local Web Site" on the left which are the files on your computer. The "Remote Web Site" refers to files that are currently out on the Web. Moving files to the right side of the screen publishes them to the internet.

Step 7

You can now view your website at http://lancer.longwood.edu/yourlancernetid.