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Final Exam Scantron Services - Fall 2013

Please note that in an effort to maximize convenience during exam week, the following provisions have been made for Scantron services:

Monday, December 9th – Thursday, December 12th  
Scantron services will be available at the Helpdesk in Coyner (9 am – 6 pm) with the expectation of a two hour completion time.

Friday, December 13th  
Scantron services will be available at the Helpdesk (9 am – 9 pm) with the expectation of a two hour completion time.

Saturday, December 14th  
Scantron services will be available at the Help Desk 9 am – 12 pm (cutoff time for accepting exams will be 11 am). 

Please review the following reminders regarding Scantron services:

The scanner is quite sensitive and unless the "bubbles" are filled in darkly and completely with a #2 pencil, the answer will be rejected.  This is applicable for the student answer sheets as well as the key.   As a rule, if the number on the bubble shows through, it is not dark enough for the scanner.  Also, it is mandatory that the students complete the Student ID section with a unique eight character number and fill in the corresponding bubbles.  It is strongly suggested that students use their Longwood ID Number (minus the L) since this is guaranteed to be a unique number for each student.

All Scantron forms should be submitted in an envelope or folder, with all forms facing the same direction.

User Support Services staff is not able to manipulate the tests or keys in any way.  To assure that the tests are run in a timely and accurate manner, please follow the  guidelines for completing the tests and keys.

There is a short form that must be completed when dropping the tests off to be scanned.  We use the information from the forms for the reports to identify the instructor, course, and section.  Also, this serves as a record of dropping off and picking up the tests.

If you have questions or concerns please contact User Support Services at 395-4357 or by e-mail at helpdesk@longwood.edu. Thank you!