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Serious Security Concern

As you may have heard, a serious information security flaw affecting more than a third of worldwide web servers was uncovered earlier this week. Referred to as "Heartbleed", it is a vulnerability in OpenSSL, a popular, open-source method used to encrypt vast portions of the web. It's used to protect your usernames, passwords, and sensitive information sent on secure websites. For more on the Heartbleed bug, see this US-CERT approved site: http://heartbleed.com/

On April 8th, Longwood engineers updated security certificates on vulnerable Longwood servers.  We have no indication that information on Longwood servers was compromised as a result of the Heartbleed vulnerability.  Nonetheless, we strongly encourage you to change your LancerNet password as soon as possible. You can change your password directly on the computer in your office or via the web at http://password.longwood.edu. Please remember that when you change your LancerNet password you should also update the password on any mobile devices (smartphone, iPad, etc.) that you have configured for Longwood systems.

With regard to your other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc., you are encouraged to check with the vendor for their recommendations and/or review Web sites such as Mashable: http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected/


As always, if you have questions please contact the Help Desk at 434-395-4357 or email helpdesk@longwood.edu.


Have a great Friday!