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Be Aware: Heartbleed May Inspire Phishing Scams

An email was sent from this office on Friday informing you about the Heartbleed bug. Please be aware that it is likely that phishers will try to take advantage of this highly publicized and serious security concern.  You may receive email that appear to be from banks and other sites, stating their site was vulnerable and asking you to reset your password(s).  While it is possible that you may receive legitimate requests to change your password due to Heartbleed, you should be sure that  you are not tricked into reveling your login credentials.  If you get such an email DO NOT CLICK on any links.  If you feel that you should change your password, type the site’s URL in your browser and navigate to the password reset page.  It’s less convenient than clicking a link but a lot safer.

Also, be aware that Heartbleed is not a virus, so buying or using a "Heartbleed Antivirus" product will do you no good.  You may see scams related to that as well.  

If you have questions please contact Help Desk at 434-395-4357 or email helpdesk@longwood.edu.

Thank you!