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Anti-Phishing Measures

As you are likely aware, phishing is a fraudulent attempt to steal your personal information via email. Characteristics of these emails may include requests for your social security number or other personal information and/or demands for you to provide your username and update your password or your banking login in a defined period of time. Phishing incidents are on the rise across the globe, and unfortunately, here at Longwood as well.  To that end, ITS is putting into place some additional measures to help reduce the number of phishing emails that are delivered to your Inbox. Effective May 23rd, the following measures will be implemented.

  • Incoming messages from known phishing sites/forms will be sent to your Spam Quarantine and NOT your Inbox.
  • The message displayed in the Spam Quarantine will be prepended with the following:

"Warning: Do not enter your LancerNet ID and password on any web form linked from this email message. This warning has been inserted here by Longwood University's IronPort Spam Filter System.

The Longwood spam filter has detected a link to a web form hosting service (link from phishing email will be here) in the message below. Web form hosting services are SOMETIMES used by "phishers" to get your email address, password or other personally identifiable information for their use. You must decide if the link might serve some other legitimate purpose that is important to you. Thanks for taking a Second to Be Secure!

For information about why this warning was added to this message see: http://www.longwood.edu/infosec/56354.htm"

If you have questions please contact the Help Desk at 434-395-4357 or email helpdesk@longwood.edu.