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Windows 8

  1. Go to start menu > Control Panel
  2. Under Network and Internet, select View network status and tasks
  3. Click on Set up a new connection or network
  4. Select Manually connect to a wireless network then click next
  5. In the Network name field type LancerNet and choose WPA-2 Enterprise for Security type
  6. Click Change connection settings
  7. On the connection tab check Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID)
  8. Click on the Security Tab and click on Advanced Settings. Select Specify User Authentication Mode. Click on the drop down menu and then choose user authentication. Click OK.
  9. Click on Settings and uncheck the box for Validate Server Certificate. Next, click Configure beside the Secured Password Box and uncheck the box by "Automatically Use My Windows Logon…"
  10. Click OK to exit all of the boxes. Next, click on the Network icon and click on LancerNet. Then click connect and you will be prompted to enter your LancerNet credentials and click OK.