Get Connected

Select your operating system in the right menu for step-by-step instructions to connect wirelessly.

Generic Wireless Settings for LancerNet

If you are setting up a wireless device that does not fall under the operating systems above, these settings will serve as a guide. For more information, please contact Shentel Technical Support at 1-855-267-7289.

SSID: LancerNet
Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption: AES
Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Authentication Logon: LancerNet ID and Password

Connecting to Shentel WiFi

We are excited to announce that wireless connectivity from Shentel is now available in residence hall rooms and Longwood managed apartments. Students will use the Shentel username and password created during registration on the wired network to connect to Shentel wireless. Shentel’s wireless network is named Shentel WiFi.

Longwood wireless is also available in some locations across campus (JPG) (Library, Academic Buildings, Brock Commons, etc.). The Longwood wireless network is named LancerNet and is accessed using the LancerNet ID and password.