A Complete Look

The following information is designed to assist students registered with Accessibility Resources that have an accommodation for alternate format services. If you need to verify this accommodation then please contact Accessibility Resources at (434)395-2391 or accessibilityresources@longwood.edu.

Once you have requested services, Accessibility Resources staff will reach out to you to provide an official timeline for service completion and other important information. If you need resources from the Greenwood Library then you are encouraged to speak with their staff first for assistance.

Please know that when completing your  (pdf) you are agreeing to the following:

  • You will purchase a copy of the textbook from the bookstore or another vendor.
  • You will use the alternate format materials for personal use only.
  • You understand that there is a two week wait for receiving alternate format materials, but ARO will work as quickly as possible.

What are Alternate Format Services?

Many students encounter barriers with traditional print materials. Textbooks, class handouts, and other materials may not be usable in the original form. In order to assist students, an alternate format accommodation may be necessary. Textbooks may be provided in electronic, audio, combination of electronic/audio, and occasionally Braille. Use the helpful information below to request alternate format services.

Request Alternate Format Services

  1. Complete Accommodations Form: Complete your Alternate Format Request Form to indicate to our staff your desire to use your approved accommodations for the particular semester or summer course.

  2. Submit Alternate Format Request: Submit your Alternate Format Request Form as soon as possible, which makes it more likely that you will receive your materials at the start of your course. This information should be completed the moment that your course materials are posted by your Professor.

    To see if your materials have been submitted you are encouraged to check or consult the following:

    1. Longwood Barnes & Noble website
    2. Canvas
    3. Email your Professor
  3. Ask for Help: If your course materials have not been made available 2 weeks prior to the start of the course please immediately reach out to the Accessibility Resources Office via email at accessibilityresources@longwood.edu.

    The Assistant Director will reach out to your instructor to assist with identifying your course materials so that your alternate format request can be completed.

Once Request is Submitted

  1. Accessibility Resources will first work to secure your materials via one of our approved vendors  
    • Access Text
    • Bookshare

  2. If your materials are not available via one of our approved vendors then we will manually convert them here in the office. This will require us to reach out to you for a hard copy of the course materials.

Throughout this process, the Assistant Director will provide you updates via email regarding the timeline for conversion.

Things to Remember

  • It takes a maximum of 10 business days to receive converted materials. Our staff will make an effort to get materials to you sooner, but 10 business days is the maximum for receiving materials.
  • ARO will first convert only the required course materials and readings. If needed we can convert and provide the remaining materials at a date specified by ARO staff.
  • Even if you receive your textbooks in an alternate format you are still required to purchase the hard copy of the textbook.