Notetaker Accommodation Overview

The following information is designed to assist students registered with Accessibility Resources that have an accommodation for notetaker services. If you need to verify this accommodation then please contact Accessibility Resources at (434)395-2391 or

What is the notetaker accommodation?

The Accessibility Resources Office (ARO) provides the notetaking accommodation as an auxiliary aid for students with hearing, visual, motor limitations or those who have learning/cognitive disabilities that significantly affect the ability to take notes in class. This accommodation is disability-based and approved based on student's documentation of their disability. Notetaking accommodation is designed to supplement a student’s learning process, these services are not to be used as a substitute for attending class.


Instructor Information (pdf)

This form is to be used by the instructor to locate a note-taker or navigate how to implement the note-taking accommodation if a note-taker does not volunteer.

Instructor Form (pdf)

This form is to be completed and returned by the instructor to or contact the Assistant Director, Stephanie Mooney, at


Stephanie Mooney, M.S.

Assistant Director, Accessibility Resources

(434) 395-4935