Register With Accessibility Resources

  • Call our office at (434) 395-2391 or stop by our office in Brock Hall, 203.
  • Complete an ARO Registration Form (pdf).
  • Mail or return in person your completed ARO Registration form to Brock Hall 203.

Provide Disability Documentation

  • After the Documentation Guidelines for your specific disability(ies) or you can access them on the website: General Guidelines | Specific Disability Guidelines
  • Next step is for you to provide us with documentation from an appropriate licensed professional that follows the LU Documentation Guidelines and documents the presence and impact of your disability.
  • Along with the documentation you can also include any records of accommodations/services provided to you in previous academic settings (e.g. IEP, SOP, Section 504 Plans, or letters from other collegiate institutions).

Schedule An Intake Appointment

  • Once we receive your documentation, we will review all documentation that you have submitted.
  • After reviewing your documentation, we will contact you if your documentation meets criteria.
    • If it doesn't meet criteria, then we will let you know the areas where your documentation is lacking pertinent information. It is your responsibility to contact the evaluator and/or medical professional and obtain the information and then make sure we receive any additional information to add to the original documentation submitted.
    • If it does meet criteria, then we call you to schedule an Intake Appointment.
  • At the Intake Appointment we will discuss your documentation, accommodations, and services that may be available to you and fill out the necessary paperwork. This appointment typically runs about a half hour but may take up to 45 minutes.
  • You are now ready to receive and use services!

Receiving Your Accommodations Every Semester

Once you are a registered student, you will need to fill out an Accommodation Request Form (pdf) every semester.

We will email you reminders to complete this form. You may return the completed form by either emailing it to or dropping off in person to ARO located in Brock Hall 203.

If you are in need of an accommodations review and you wish to discuss changes to your accommodations, please reach out to to schedule this meeting.