Season 3 Episode 3, “Searching”, tells the stories of two Longwood alumni who reconnected with family members and how these encounters shaped and inspired them as individuals. In this two-act episode, Producer Megan Wilson interviews Dr. Donna Gibson from the class of 1972 and Tom Harrison from the class of 1989. Both of these Longwood alumni demonstrate resilience as they embrace vulnerability and share their unique stories of how they sought out answers to meaningful and impactful questions in their life that were left unanswered.

In Act I, Dr. Donna Gibson ’72 shares about how her father's experience in World War II. Gibson and her sisters set out for Normandy, France with the hopes of learning more about her fathers’ time in the war. By immersing herself in the place and culture that her father also experienced, she understood from a new and more personal perspective the true meaning of her father’s courage. In Act II, Tom Harrison ’89 shares how reconnecting with his biological parents surprised himself in unexpected ways. Although he had to find the balance when navigating those new and challenging relationships, he was able to discover and connect with his biological parents in a meaningful war. For all who face an inner-conflict or have unanswered questions, Gibson and Harrison’s stories are words of encouragement to seek out the answers that we long for.

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