Do you own a small business, work in the hospitality industry, or know someone who does? Dorie Walters '21 dreams of owning her own bed and breakfast, where she can make visitors and guests feel like they are staying in the comfort of their own home. She would love any advice you’re able to share.

Dorie is a current senior business administration major with a concentration in management. Her dream job is to own her own bed and breakfast somewhere in the northeast United States, where she can entertain guests and make them feel at home while they are travelling. Graduating in May, Dorie is looking for a job that can launch her into her dreams of “living out the fairytale bed and breakfast experience” as she put it.

Dorie was drawn to Longwood for a few reasons, the first of which is that after receiving her associates degree from a community college back home, Longwood was on the list of guaranteed schools that would accept her. She looked at a few other schools but always came back to Longwood in her mind. “The small community feel and the idea that I am far enough from home to be independent but close enough to feel comfortable, mixed with the small campus in a small town, made Longwood the perfect fit,” she urged. Dorie also pointed to her love for Longwood’s physical beauty and architecture as one of the University’s selling points.

In addition to her academic work, Dorie keeps busy as an intern for the Office of Alumni and Career Services where she manages the widely popular One Hour a Month program, an alumni volunteer opportunity where alumni can give back to the alma mater through small acts of service. Extracurricularly, Dorie serves as Chancellor of Delta Sigma Pi, the business honors fraternity, and works for the Office of Residential and Commuter Life as a Resident Assistant in the off-campus Lancer Park property.

If Dorie could thank one person from her time here at Longwood, she would thank Ashley Bowles Jones ‘12, assistant director of engagement communications in the Office of Alumni and Career Services. Dorie explains, “ever since I have started working with Ashley, she has been enthusiastic and always willing to help… she is available to me when I need to talk and she doesn’t ever pass judgement. She encourages me and my peers to be ourselves every day, and she demonstrates what it means to be authentic.” Dorie’s favorite class you ask? That would be ACCT296: Legal Environment with Professor Claire LaRoche, associate professor of business law, because “Dr. LaRoche was extremely enthusiastic and she has been in her field her whole life,” Dorie asserted. “I can and still do cite examples and moments from that class in my daily interactions, and the class was intriguing because she [LaRoche] used her personal and professional life to inform her teaching, and it was a stellar experience overall,” Dorie continued.

The daughter of two self-employed small business owners, Dorie has always looked up to the work ethic of her parents, and dreams of being a small business owner because self-employed people set their own hours and they control their work and their brand. “The idea of being unrestricted by someone higher up, sounds amazing to me… I want to be able to bring my ideas to life without restriction,” Dorie asserted. Driven by the goal of proving people wrong, Dorie’s self-described stubborn but can-do attitude makes elevating her dreams a potential reality. Dorie explained that, “success for me is being able to look back and tell myself that I did everything I could both personally and professionally. Whether that means completing a project or getting high marks, it doesn’t matter as long as you know you are completing the task with 110% of the energy and can-do spirit that you can muster.”

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Dustyn Hall '18

Dustyn Hall '18 is the Director of Young Alumni & Student Giving in the Office of Institutional Advancement, and has served in that role since July 2019. Before his current service at Longwood began, Dustyn worked for Phi Mu Delta National Fraternity & Educational Foundation as the Director of Advancement, where he oversaw the development, communications, and alumni engagement sectors of their operations.

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