• Longwood Creates | Ashley Duenez Riemann '05

    Quarantine Life, Conversations with Myself

  • Longwood Creates | Sarah Emerson '13

    After several trips abroad Sarah Emerson '13 launched her own swimwear business: Emersun Swim

  • The Hiring Manager’s Story

    It’s easy to only approach your career search from one’s own perspective --- how many applications have been filled out, how many resumes were emailed, how many cover letters that have been sent.

  • Longwood Creates | Amy Lakatosh Ware ‘96

    Every house on their street lost at least one family member, but everyone in her house survived. Gertrude Haag had nine brothers and sisters. Was it the onions!?

  • Episode 8: The Next Chapter

    In this episode, we follow two women on the path to become published writers. Jenny Hale '98 and Molly Odell '76 tell their stories from leaving the campus of Longwood and starting careers in fields far from being authors and poets respectively.

  • Episode 7: From Africa

    In this episode of DAG, we're featuring two stories from Longwood alumni both of whom spent time in Africa and had fascinating experiences that shaped their lives and careers.