We're making a podcast and we want to share your story.

For many of us, our experience with podcasts as a source for information and entertainment was sparked by the hit success of Serial, a crime story told week-by-week. But many podcasts featuring great audio storytelling have been around for years with themes rooted in Americans traditions and discoveries like This American Life and Radiolab that captivate audiences each week. 

The Office of Alumni and Career Services is hard at work creating a unique podcast called "Day After Graduation." The podcast features stories from Longwood alumni and friends about the world after graduation along with interviews with current students aspiring for greatness. So far, we've created a few pilot episodes, and now we're working on Season 1. Our hope is that all alumni find the stories interesting and engaging, but we're specifically creating episodes with stories that young alumni and current students would find interesting.

That's where you come in. We want your stories.

We're not looking for life stories or biographies. Instead we're looking for stories from your life. If you know someone with a great story (doesn't have to be an alum), please tell us about him or her! And specifically, we're looking for life changing stories that occurred while you were between 22-25 years old. The story might be a highlight or low moment in your life, or maybe it's not that easy categorized, but you learned something and what you're describing had impact. The story could be fresh in your mind because you are 23 now, or it could be rooted deep in your memory because you're older now. 

Here's what makes a good story: 

  1. It's authentic and this version of the story could only be told by you
  2. There's something at stake - an important outcome that's emotionally charged
  3. It contains a sequence of events that occur over the span of a few minutes or much longer - several years
  4. You want to tell your story and have probably told it several times before because it's a great story.

What are a few ideas? 

- A strange or exciting adventure overseas
- A roommate situation in a new city
- An unexpected disruption at work
- An emotional occurrence on social media
- Adjusting to culture shock 
- Managing sudden wealth or extreme poverty
- When something ordinary becomes extraordinary 

Your story could be about pretty much anything and might not have anything to do with Longwood. We're specifically looking for stories that feature a sequence of events occurring around the years immediately following graduation. 

If you have a story to tell or you know someone who does, please email a short pitch to Ryan Catherwood, (catherwoodrp@longwood.edu) Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Career Services. We want to bring your story to life on the Day After Graduation podcast.