Lancer Learning is a series of workshops that address topics about post-graduation life that aren't covered in the classroom. Designed to give some important information on how to "adult," Lancer Learning brings industry experts to campus to provide insight, knowledge, and answer questions for the student body. From freshman to graduate students, all are encouraged to attend these workshops to set themselves up for success.

What is a credit score and how is it used? How can you develop a high score? What can you do to avoid a low score, and what steps can be taken to repair your credit? Jonas Mitchell, CEO of Scribble Credit answers all these questions and more. Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record the presentation.

Download Jonas Mitchell's presentation: Here>>

How do you build a budget and stick to it? How and why should I plan for retirement now? I don't know the first things about investing, so why bother? Brad Watson, Managing Director of Davenport Wealth Management, answers all these questions and more so you are set for success.

Download Brad Watson's presentation: Here>>

Dr. Dawn Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Accounting —What are taxes and how do you file them? How should you fill out tax paperwork when you are hired for a job? How do you avoid common tax pitfalls?

Download Dr. Dawn Schwartz's presentation: Here>>

Summer Martin, Anthem Healthcare Customer Care Representative- Healthcare and Health Insurance—How do you choose a good healthcare plan from your employer? Why do young adults need health insurance? What do all those abbreviations mean? How do I decipher a doctor’s bill?

Download Summer Martin's presentation: Here>>