Julie Mersiowsky
Prof Studies Teacher Educ Dir

Email mersiowskyjc@longwood.edu
Department College of Graduate & Professional Studies

Dr. Juliette Mersiowsky is the Director of Distance Learning and the DEC.  She manages the University’s online programs and the support for online content and instructional technology.  She is also an associate professor in Education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels where she enjoys teaching pre-service and practicing elementary school teachers. Julie also advises the off-site students in the Emporia LSEE program.

Julie has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from James Madison University, a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction, concentrating in Instructional Technology from George Mason University and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership in Education from Grand Canyon University. Her area of concentration is Instructional Technology, Distance Education, and Pedagogy in Higher Education.

Julie lives in Amelia County and enjoys traveling with her husband, Scott and their Labrador retriever, Willie. They love exploring the wonders of our national and state parks through hiking and kayaking. If only Willie could paddle the kayak.

Julie and Scott have 2 adult children, Jonathan and Rebecca.

Julie is on Twitter, @TheDrMers .

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