As you prepare to work your way through the online form to reserve your event, there are a few things to keep in mind...


To help you plan your event, please check the University Events Calendar. This online calendar gives you a snapshot of events scheduled on campus and can help you avoid conflicts with other major University events. 

Description for Master Calendar

As you write the description of the event, please be as descriptive as you can. Please do not simply repeat the event title. It is from this description that an event type will be chosen by the Conference and Event Services staff. 

Location Preferences for Multiple Location Events Only

Use only if your event requires more than one room, i.e. breakout groups.

Is This a Recurring Event?

This refers to scheduling additional dates for the same type event, i.e. monthly staff meetings. Please list exact dates of subsequent events rather than simply saying "once a month" or "annual." 

Audio/Visual and Technology Needs

If you are having a speaker at your event, you may want to consider the following items:

  • Microphone and/or microphone stand
  • Podium or stage
  • Lectern or screen
  • Easel and dry erase board
  • Power point presentation or other visual presentation ability

When you request AV and Technology equipment, the Conference and Event Services office will schedule and notify the appropriate personnel through the written confirmation, but you will need to:

  • Arrange for training to operate the requested equipment at least three (3) days before the event. Please call the Help Desk (434-395-4357) to schedule a training time.
  • Contact the Help Desk (434-395-4357) to sign out the reserved equipment and/or take it with you.
  • You can also arrange for a technician to set it up for you in the chosen location. A student cannot sign the equipment out, only an adult faculty or staff member. 

Equipment Needs

If you are having an event in an empty room [one of the ABC rooms in Lankford], you will want to think about the setup and consider requesting:

  • Tables/Chairs/Trashcans
  • Audiovisual needs, if applicable

If you are having a non-athletic event in Lancer or Iler Gym, you need to consider the following:

  • Tables/Chairs/ Tarp for the floor
  • Bleachers- Will you be using the bleachers? Do you prefer they be pushed up completely?

Food/Beverage Needs

All food and beverages served on University property must be provided by ARAMARK Dining Services. ARAMARK is the only caterer permitted to serve on campus.

  • In order to request space in the Dining Hall for your event, you must also request either food and/or beverages.
  • If your event is an early morning meeting, you may want to consider a Continental Breakfast. If it overlaps the lunch hour, you may want to consider lunch or a refreshment break.
  • If you are planning an event with food outside the dining hall, you are responsible for requesting tables, chairs, tents for picnics, etc. Example: If you are hosting a reception in Lancaster, you are responsible for ordering tables for the food/beverage and a lectern and microphone for speakers.

Number of Parking Spaces Needed

If the attendees to your event are arriving from off-campus, you will need to request parking. The Parking Services Office can assign parking spaces.

Music Information

If you are having a third party provide music for your event, find out if they will be bringing their own sound equipment. If they are not, be sure to find out exactly what they will need so that you can request the proper resources on your original reservation request.

Example: If a DJ is playing at your event, what are the electrical needs? Do they need a table? 

After the Event

When your event is finished, please be considerate of the next group using the space:

  • Please pick up trash and items left by your guests.
  • If you move desks, chairs, tables, etc. around for your meeting, please put back into the original location before leaving.
  • If expensive equipment is left in the room, please be sure to secure the door before leaving.
  • If you find problems in the room, please notify the appropriate department (Facilities or Help Desk, etc.) or contact our office and we will forward your message.