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Please encourage students to apply to LU-PRISM (Longwood University Perspectives on Research In Science & Mathematics), our residential summer research program. This program combines practical training in specific research techniques with activities designed to put the research into the context of larger goals of modern science, technology, health, and mathematics.

The titles and areas of the research projects available are summarized below. Undergraduate scholarly research is one of the most important things you can do to distinguish yourself from other students applying to graduate schools, professional schools, and post-baccalaureate employment.


Program Details:

Duration: 8 weeks (May 17 – July 9, 2021)

Student stipend: $3,500 (+ room and board)

Application Deadline: 5pm on Friday, October 30, 2020


Project and Mentor Information:

Dr. Robert Blaisdell- Kinesiology- Muscle Fatigue During Repeat Sprint Exercise

Dr. Kathy Gee- Environmental Science- Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on the Performance of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Dr. Adam Franssen- Biology- Epigenetically Heritable Effects of Maternal Behavior in Rats

Dr. Jeffrey Ledford- Math- Excursions in Summation

Dr. Jonathan White- Chemistry- Derivatization of a Choline-Appended Pt Anticancer Therapeutic and Characterization of its Cellular Targets

For more detailed information about the PRISM 2021 projects, please read the PRISM 2021 Project Descriptions


Student eligibility requirements:

1. Students in any major are eligible.

2. Student must be a continuing Longwood undergraduate in Fall 2021.


Application instructions:

1. Prepare a response to the following: Provide a brief summary of your career goals and describe how your education and training has prepared you for these goals. Describe how participation in this program will help you attain your career goals. Limit to one page, single spaced. Save your response as a pdf file.

2. Save a copy of your unofficial transcripts as a pdf file. You can access your unofficial transcripts through myLongwood.

3. Log in to a google account and navigate to the application form: PRISM Student Application Form link expired

4. Complete all requested information, including uploading pdf files.


Please contact Dr. Sarah Porter, PRISM Director, with any questions.