The Office of Student Research is proud to feature Joshua Bain in this week’s “Scholar Story".

Joshua Bain is a junior who is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Neuroscience. In the future, Joshua plans on going to graduate school to earn his Ph. D. in neuroscience or cognitive psychology. 

Starting halfway through the fall semester of 2021, Joshua became involved with research after learning about Longwood’s Senior Thesis Program. For his research project, Joshua is looking into aphantasia, which is when someone is unable to form a mental image in their head. Specifically, Joshua is looking at whether aphantasia affects the recall of images presented and whether it has an impact on students learning. He is conducting this research with guidance from his faculty mentor, Dr. Eric Laws.

For this research Joshua has found the most important lesson to be timing. “Everyone likes to procrastinate,” he states, “I am no exception, but this is not something that can be done on a weekend so setting deadlines for yourself and creating a timeline is very important.”

With this project continuing Joshua is excited to see where his independent research will take him, “Participating in research allows me to see what a small part of graduate school would be like and allows me to preview my current career path as a researcher. Along with this, I am also able to get very valuable interactions with my professors, practice presenting my ideas, and refine my writing skills.”

Congratulations to Joshua on his successful research!

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