125% Credit Hour Threshold

The Code of Virginia establishes rules for eligibility for in-state tuition for all students enrolled at public institutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Section 23.1-509 of the Code of Virginia further requires undergraduate students to maintain progress toward the degree to comply with continued eligibility for in-state tuition.

Students with entry dates fall 2006 and after may not exceed attempted hours that total 125% of the credit hours needed for a specific degree program and retain in-state tuition eligibility.  Students exceeding 125% will be assessed a surcharge for each semester of continued enrollment after exceeding the credit hour threshold.

The following courses and credit hours shall be excluded: remedial courses; transfer credits from another college or university that do not meet degree requirements for general education courses or the student's chosen program of study; advanced placement or international baccalaureate credits that were obtained while in high school or another secondary school program; and dual enrollment, college-level credits obtained by the student prior to receiving a high school diploma.  

To learn more, refer to Section 23.1-509 of the Code of Virginia.

Questions? See our 125% FAQ's (pdf).


Any student who has the 125% surcharge assessed to their account has the option to appeal.  They can do so by completing the Credit Hour Threshold Appeal Form (pdf) and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.  Any information that the student feels may be pertinent to their appeal, should be attached as supporting documentation.  Criteria for which Longwood's 125% Appeals Committee may waive the surcharge are specifically listed on the Appeal Form.  Any other requests for waiver may be submitted to SCHEV if deemed necessary by the 125% Appeals Committee.  The 125% Appeals Committee will meet at least once per semester on an as-needed basis.  Students are notified by email, and by formal letter, as to the outcome of their appeal.  All decisions of the 125% Appeals Committee are final.  Students may request a review based only on new information.